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Why does my house need gutter cleaning?

Gutters tend to be out of sight and out of mind – until they stop working how they’re supposed to.
As rain flows down the slope of the roof, it takes leaves, sticks and other debris along with it. This junk and sediment ends up sitting in the gutter – the gallons upon gallons of water flowing off the roof isn’t strong enough to push the mounds of wet leaves through and out of the gutter system. Improper drainage isn’t the only problem, either — backup could become so intrusive that it could cause roof-damaging rot.
Fortunately, regular maintenance and care, starting with a thorough gutter cleaning every spring and fall, can keep your gutters working and your roof in good shape!

How runoff water can ruin your roof

Gutters are necessary for guiding runoff water away from your house. Without them – or if you have a clogged or broken system – significant damage could occur.
When runoff water from rain or melting snow doesn’t flow downward and out, it either stagnates – sits totally still – or it runs in the wrong direction entirely. This could cause rot and holes in the roof large enough for rain, debris and even critters to get into your home through these sensitive areas:

  • The fascia, a flat decorative piece of roofing underneath the gutters;
  • The soffit, the edge of the roof overhang that touches the gutters; and
  • The shingles, the individual tiles which make up the roof.

Thanks to their vulnerable placement at the edges of your home, lightweight gutters tend to fall victim to less-than-perfect weather as well. If any part of the gutter loosens, there’s a chance a single storm or strong gust of wind could carry it right off the side of your house, risking damage to your property or a neighbor’s property. Plus, you’ll have to buy new gutter parts or new gutters entirely.
You shouldn’t wait for something to go wrong before taking action. Getting a thorough gutter cleaning at least twice a year will keep any potential issues at bay.

Gutter cleaning services help you avoid roofing problems

The key to avoiding gutter problems – and problems caused by gutters, such as roof rot – is regularly-scheduled maintenance. Through regular maintenance programs, such as HomeSquare’s Essential Maintenance package, a licensed and insured handyman conducts gutter cleaning services and other related checks, such as:

  • Regular maintenance and cleaning: Staying up-to-date on gutter care is the best way to avoid a future problem. Working with a professional to regularly clean out your gutters, downspouts and boots will ensure that runoff water flows the correct way: far, far away from your home.
  • Inspecting the roof: Improperly-functioning gutters can damage the outside of your home. A reliable home maintenance professional can check around your home’s roof, fascia and soffit so that any potential issues can be spotted sooner rather than later.
  • Repairing or replacing the gutters: Ensuring each component is properly in place is essential to a well-operating gutter. If the elbow, cap or downspout is cracked or loose, runoff water can leak and cause a mess. While the handyman performs gutter cleaning services, he can check for any issues, tell you if any part of the gutter needs replacing and then actually replace the part.

Scheduling gutter cleaning services with a professional and reliable handyman ensures that the job is done properly, safely and in a timely manner. These preventative services are more affordable than the catastrophic alternatives, which can cause your frustrations – and bills – to skyrocket. Contact a HomeSquare representative today to get your gutters checked!

HomeSquare 2018 Gutter Cleaning Prices

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