The Surprising Health Benefits of Gaming! - Westport Moms

In caveman times, moms worried about their kids leaving the cave and being eating by a Mammoth. Nowadays, conscientious moms worry about the effect of games like Call of Duty. The media heightens this. You needn’t worry. Research shows that gaming can be beneficial. One study found that it had positive effects on cognitive performance: improving motor skills, memory, and spatial awareness. So, though in the past you may have tried to prevent your kids gaming so It won’t interfere in their studies, perhaps you should allow them to play video games so they do better in their studies. Of course, everything in moderation, and make sure they do their homework! However, there is no harm in playing video games, and it may even help your kids thrive. Have a game yourself, and keep your memory sharp!
Who are we? We are part of a company called Computer Planet. We build custom PCs, we are experts in the Esports industry, and our staff are of course passionate gamers. As a result, we have a vast knowledge of gaming, and many of us are parents, so we understand concerns regarding video games. Below is an infographic from our colleagues, which outlines the health benefits of gaming in a little more detail.

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