Quarantine Scavenger Hunt!! (for all ages) - Westport Moms

As we all balance staying busy, school work, and entertaining our kids, this is a fun “Quarantine Scavenger Hunt” a wonderful community member shared!


  • Take a picture of your answer to each clue.
  • Only unique answers will be counted for example: if I asked for Something with fur and you all took a picture of your dog/cat that doesn’t count but if one of you took a picture of a fur coat or a moldy food in the refrigerator that would count).
  • All of your lists are in different orders so you will not be able to follow each other.
  • Be creative and use your senses of humor!!

Something healthy
Something you cut with
Something that sheds
Something you use to take care of a baby
Something you put on your face
Something that grows
Something that holds pills
Something you might see at a birthday party
Something you can play with outside
Something you wear to play a sport
Something that works with a battery
Something found at the beach
Something sour
Something made by you
Something that shrinks over time
Something given to you by a family member
A method of communication
Something that smells like fish
Something crunchy
Something that looks gross but really isn’t
Something used to sanitize
Something featured in a Tik Tok
An accessory for your phone
Something loud
Something curly
Something with spots
Something with a timer
Something with at least 3 legs
Something that gets planted
Something that gets hung
Something that changes color
Something bought while in a foreign county
Something that tastes better in a restaurant
Something stretchy
Something that is way cooler when it’s worn/used at camp
Something in a language other than English
Something that requires more than 2 players
Something that shouldn’t be used before 8am
Something no longer in fashion
A game that can be played on an airplane
An article of clothing with the name of somewhere you have traveled to
Something frozen
Evidence that spring is almost here
Something used to remove hair
Something that needs to get returned
A corona virus meme
Something with wheels
Something worn to exercise
Something you are made to do now that you are being quarantined

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