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November, 2017

For Moms (or Munchkins): Glad “To Go” Lunch Containers

What it is:  Glad To Go Lunch food containers prevent soggy salads and foods by keeping dry and wet ingredients separate until you are ready to eat. These containers feature little dressing cups that snap tightly into the lids. The containers are the perfect size for packing lunch items like salad and dressing, dip and chips, or breakfast items like pancakes and syrup or cereal and milk. The lids snap tightly to dressing cups and containers to prevent leaks or spills. They are BPA free and microwave safe, plus you can safely heat food in these containers. The clean up is quick and easy because they are dishwasher safe. Glad To Go containers are TRULY designed for life on the go.
Why we love it: We love this product because something this simple truly rocked our world. As a result, we wanted to make sure you all knew about this convenience in the off chance, like us, you did not realize the proper use of the interlocking lids when you purchased more tupperware for your already overflowing draw.  These bowls are ideal for meal planning or packing lunch or snack for your kids. They are an absolute game changer and now we no longer eat soggy salad, (or salad with no dressing because it all spilled!), and we can send hummus or guacamole with chips for kids’ school snacks without having to buy the individual packs.

For Munchkins: Full Circle ZipTuck Reusable Snack Bags

What it is: These sustainable storage bags which come in different sizes (lunch, snack, storage or travel) are perfect for kids to use on a daily basis. They come in fun designs which makes the kids happy, and moms are happy because they are made from plant based materials which break down safely and quickly so they are not harmful to kids or the planet. You can label and wipe these bags clean with a dry erase marker. For best results, you should hand wash them but they are dishwasher safe; (just put them on the top rack)!

Why we love it: These reusable bags help us organize the constant chaos of packing lunches and snacks. They are cute and durable and so much better than wasting multiple Ziploc plastic bags a day. They keep the food fresh with their ultra tight close so even apple slices do not get brown right away. WM Tip: The lunch set is the winner because it has a sandwich size bag and a snack size bag!

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