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It’s that time of year again — time to dive into another year of cleaning out our closets and washing our windows for spring cleaning.
Nearly 3/4 of us clean, wash and scrub to our hearts’ content every spring, working our way from the basement to the upstairs bedroom. So after a weekend spent reaching into the nooks and crannies and deciding what to keep and give away, we assume all is said and done for the season – right? Think again! While we’re busy taking care of the parts of our homes that we interact with every day, we tend to forget about some hard-to-reach, out-of-sight places that get grimy, nasty or even unsafe over time!
For these tough jobs, many of us hire a handyman who can inspect, clean and fix these parts of our homes that we don’t necessarily want to go near or don’t know how to do ourselves. This licensed and insured professional tackles the tough jobs that go beyond the typical spring cleaning and straight to the heart of what keeps your home healthy and safe. Handyman services do more than just fix broken things!
What sort of handyman services should you think about using during this spring cleaning season?

  • Check your deck. Snow and cold can worsen any problems that your deck may have had. Now that all the snow is finally gone for the season, it’s better to be safe than sorry and make sure your deck is free from any issues. Call a licensed and insured handyman to service your outdoor deck, including an inspection for wood rot, a thorough check for warping deck boards, and even some help setting up your summer patio furniture!
  • Clean the hidden parts of your kitchen. Yes, you may have done some backbreaking scrubbing in the kitchen, but what if we told you that a good scrub isn’t enough? Two hidden-but-important spots in your kitchen – the dishwasher and the kitchen hood – need some TLC, too. The rarely-cleaned dishwasher filter holds onto wet debris, while the kitchen hood collects grease and food particles. That unhealthy buildup can be the cause of some nasty smells over time. Find a handyman willing to dive in and clear the gunk out for you.
  • Pay attention to your fireplace. Handyman services remove filthy — and dangerous – ashes from the firebox, an important handyman service to help prevent house fires. Spring cleaning is a good time for the handyman to come and clear out the firebox so that buildup can go out with the rest of the garbage.
  • Flush the hot water tank. Did you know that your hot water tank collects calcium and lime deposits over time? If enough of these minerals build up in the tank, it can keep your hot water from getting hot as quickly as you need it to. If the buildup is bad enough, it can even make its way into your sink. A good handyman services it by draining and refilling the tank until the buildup is gone.
  • Grout patching and resealing. The connective tissue between your tiles, grout is an important part of the water barrier separating the wetter portions of your kitchen/bath and your subfloor or countertop. But to keep the water out, it must be sealed and free of cracks. A handyman can make sure the grout in your kitchen and bath is doing its job.

If you might be in search of a good handyman, look no further. At HomeSquare, they understand how important it is to have regular service from a provider you trust throughout the year- whatever the season. That’s why they’ve developed their Essentials maintenance service, where licensed and insured handyman services are performed on your home year-round. This prepaid monthly plan includes the services your home needs to stay in top shape throughout the year without you even asking us, from checking out the deck in the spring to cleaning out your gutters in the fall. Finally, a worry-free way to maintain your home!
Contact HomeSquare today to get a full list of the home maintenance services included in their Essential maintenance plan or to learn more!

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