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#itsallgood Tales and Tips from Roe Chlala at Festivities – June

June is the kind of month that should feel really good… but the busyness of end of school seems to rob us of the sweet transition time to summer.
Remember that party closet I shared about? Just open your closet and presto, it’s a party!
So let’s plan a “let’s go summer” closet filled with healthy, fun and yummy snacks and fun activities that are all set “to go” giving you time to enjoy the slower pace (hopefully).
We can make “going” as much fun as “getting there”

These insulated individual coolers will keep your “camper” happy in the car or anywhere else!
Rather than reaching over to give your kids snacks, they can have their own stash!
On the lower shelf in your “let’s go summer” closet, have all your snack items ready to go. Rather than bags of “O” cereals/ pretzels/ fishies… the usual suspects, how about lidded cups that kids can keep in their car seat cup holder. Keep the snacks in baskets and let kids pick their favorites for the day. In the am all you have to do is add a cool pack from the freezer, a whole wheat wrap sandwich, drink and some cut up fresh fruit from the fridge, and they are good to go! Keep a simple fun treat that you can add to their coolers to surprise them.
Which snack will help me run fast? It’s always good to teach smart decision making. Let’s help our kids make good food choices.
Granola Bar Trail Mix
– Break apart 2 bars of your favorite granola and mix with 1 TBS raisins and 1/3 cup of small pretzels.
Mini Pancakes or waffles make great “sandwiches” filled with a nut butter and jam.
Don’t forget the string cheeses!!
Fun Rainy Day Project!

Road Trip Necklace- string the O cereals and keep in a closed bin… when it’s time to go, your kids can “wear” their snack!!
July 4th Cooking Fun
We all love Rice Krispy Treats! Let’s dress them in red, white and blue.
-Make the Rice Krispy Treat according to the directions on the box.
-Purchase the “chocolate melts” in red, white and blue. Put about 1 cup of melts in a
-Microwave safe bowl and microwave in 30 second intervals until melted through. Be sure to
stir between intervals.

Once your Treats are ready, cut into rectangles and place stick or straw in bottom.
Dip the popsicle into the icing color. Add sprinkles. Enjoy!!

Entertaining in June
LOVE your girlfriends!! Getting together in the am for play dates? Surprise everyone with
a really yummy Bloody Mary- Pickles are an amazing addition!

Recipe for Bloody Mary (or anytime) Pickles
1 part organic apple cider
3 parts water
3 TBS kosher salt
¼ cup brown sugar
Pickling spices/ garlic cloves/ dill/
Sliced jalapeno pepper (optional)
3 TBS Peppercorns
Carrots OR/AND Kirby cucumbers/ pearl onions/colorful peppers/
Slice carrots as thinly or as thickly as you like..
Slice Kirby cukes down the middle and then in half again
Blanch pearl onions and remove skins
Slice peppers in triangles or any other way you like.
If you like the small peppers, you can leave some whole for fun!
1/ place liquid ingredients in bowl and swish around to distribute the salt and brown sugar
2/add vegetables
3/ let rest overnight / cover in saran
4/ pack in pickle jars, distributing garlic cloves, dill and jalapeno if you feel sassy!

For F&E (fun and easy) Entertaining give us a call and ask about our “Plated” menus! Fun, delicious and ready for the table or oven, our delivered party foods is ready for your big game, book clubs and dinner parties!
Please email me at [email protected] or call us at 203 847 7774/festivitiesevents.com
And for your special events, our event designers and chefs are ready to plan your celebration with style!!!
Love sharing with you all! Until next month – July – Under the Boardwalk and other ideas to stay cool in the summer!!

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