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It’s Time to Elevate the Way You Work

Professional juggler, multitasker extraordinaire, supermom, boss lady and so much more. These are the badges we’ve earned, and we wear them with pride. Every mother is a working mother. Our lives are not easy, but we really wouldn’t want them any other way. These past two years were particularly challenging for parents and it’s time to get back in the driver’s seat of our own lives. Thankfully our days of homeschooling and taking conference calls in the laundry room are over, so now what? Kids are back in school, social schedules are back in action and the calendar is once again bustling with extracurriculars. Jumping back into your pre-covid routine can be tempting, but why not take a moment to restructure, reimagine and be better. Be better at work. Be better to ourselves, and ultimately be better moms.

Embarking on self-betterment can be exciting and daunting. There are endless books and articles out there stressing the importance of self-care and putting your oxygen mask on first. The message is usually about slowing down, eating healthy, working out and finding time for activities or hobbies that bring us joy. This is all great advice, and should not be ignored, but each of these tasks involve first finding that magical unicorn… More free time. Why not first take a closer look at the activities which consume the most amount of our time and find ways to improve them. For starters, the average American spends one third of their life working. Perhaps there is a way to elevate the way we spend our working hours.  

Enter Serendipity Labs in Westport , a shared office space and coworking center that is truly transforming the way people work. From the moment you walk in expect to be greeted by a friendly hospitality trained concierge who is there to make sure every detail of your day runs smoothly.  A hot cup of coffee is ready and waiting for you, compliments of Shearwater Coffee Roasters, just steps away in their tastefully designed café area. Didn’t have time for breakfast? A fully stocked pantry contains hearty snacks, cereals, and lots of different beverage options. Choose from a variety of different work spots whether you want full privacy or prefer an open space with a bit of buzz, open your laptop and connect to their enterprise grade WiFi system in just seconds. Serendipity Labs has designed their workspaces to maximize motivation with features such as abundant natural light, ergonomic furniture, clean filtered air, and noise cancelling acoustics. What you thought were “Work from home” perks, like doing laundry between calls, will suddenly become a faint memory as you settle into your best day of work ever.

For individuals who have largely worked from home for the past two years, Serendipity Labs offers a place to make connections, work on your professional goals and re-ignite your best self. Their membership plans are fully scalable and flexible, making them a great option for the occasional coworker as well as the full-time resident with their own private office. Choosing a designated place to work that is close to home, but not at home is an excellent step towards achieving work life balance. Gone are the days of work projects and home obligations bleeding into one another. Regain control of your work life, starting at Serendipity Labs.

In honor of Women’s History Month and Madison Moms, Serendipity Labs is offering one free week of coworking to all women in the month of March. This is the perfect way to trial your new workspace, and get your work grove back. Call 608-305-2415 or visit to redeem your complimentary week. Serendipity Labs Westport is located at 55 Post Road West in Westport.

Contact info: Maureen Kaminsky, Director of Sales| [email protected]

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