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If you have lived in Westport longer than a month, you have likely visited the UPS store on Post Road (across from Fresh Market, and next to Dunkin’ Donuts), and you have likely met Don and/or Nelson! These two men have been at this store for a collective 44 years, and truly make all of us smile each and every day! Whether it’s their slightly off color (yet always amusing!) jokes, or simply taking 13 boxes off our hands, and making It seem easy, they just make It all better, each and every time. So, as we all likely will be sending (and returning!) lots of packages in the coming weeks, go out of your way to say that extra Happy Holidays to the amazing people that run that place, and maybe take that extra moment to THANK THEM for all they do to constantly brighten our days! We love you Don & Nelson!!!! We spoke to them a few weeks back to get a little more of their story, which we know you will love!

How Long have you been working at UPS Westport?
Don – 23 years, since It was Mailbox etc
Nelson – 21 years

Are you best friends? We are very good friends, and enjoy each other’s company.

Did you meet at UPS? Actually, no. Nelson met Don before they worked together through Don’s dad, who runs a very popular used car dealership in Bridgeport.

Do you have any ladies in your life?
Don: Many. All the WestportMoms…..Actually, I have been married for ten years, maybe 11 (it’s hard to remember=)). I have two boys who are 8 and 12, Don Jr. and Shane
Nelson; I am committed to the WestportMoms.

Tell us about a memorable moment at the store?
Nelson: There have been SO many different scenarios. I will never forget a mom sending off water to a kid in college. This mom assumed her kid can’t get to the supermarket, but she probably knew how to get to the liquor store! Now she’s 35=) The younger son was with the mom and made fun of her! The mom expedited 70lbs worth of water! Another good one was one woman sending TWO jars of pickles overseas for $300+!!
Don: We have helped move households internationally; we see It all!

How was COVID for you guys? COVID was hectic, and even the after effects have been insane. People are more dependent on shipping than ever, and all the guarantees got dropped. We just try to make the experience a little bit more enjoyable if we can!

What has kept you here for 20+ years? The interaction with customers, and of course the westport women:) We know people now on a more friendly basis- you’re not just our customer! We know you! We break it down a different way- we joke with them and they joke back with us; it’s like family! We make It lighter and easier for them! New customers see the rapport we have with other customers and they treat us like their friends!

What is your dream client? They don’t need to print labels=) Truly, we just want people to be friendly and down to earth. Be human. We’re here to help.

What makes your store different than ALL the others? Our customer interaction makes It different. Nelson and I can do this in our sleep! It’s not just about packages! When people say kind things and tell people how grateful they are for our sense of humor, we appreciate It. We want to make everyone feel welcome, and of course get the job done!

Any requests for the new people in town?
Have your boxes taped up. Just be down to earth and friendly. Everyone’s equal. Have patience.

What’s your favorite drink – and meal?
An aged Bacardi rum – 16y ears old – its hard to find! I love pasta or a good steak!
Don: Im a Tito’s guy and love a good steak too

Whats been your favorite show recently?
Don: Yellowstone
Nelson: Godfather of Harlem

What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?
Don: I love racing cars; I do a bunch of eighth mile drag racing. And hang with my kids! Nelson likes boxing sporting events

How do the dads handle all of the flirting?=)  They joke right back with us, and then we just tell them “send your wife in next time” or “you have a hot chic wife; nice work!”

Thanks Don & Nelson for ALL you do!!!

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