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“When is the best time to install a new roof?”

This is a question commonly asked among homeowners. Many think their roof is “fine” or in “good condition” and replacement can be pushed off until another week, month, or year, but this is not always the case. Due to inflation and material shortages, it is almost guaranteed that prices will rise no matter where you go (roughly 5% a year). So when it comes to “when should I replace my roof”?, the truth is It is typically a few years before you even knew you needed it. Replacing a roof is always going to be more expensive if it has already failed as opposed to when it is still functional even if it is on its last leg. The potential damages to not only personal items but the rest of the home are not worth the risk.

That’s only the first part of this question, the second being what time of year should I replace my roof? According to which company you go to you will get different answers depending on the type of materials they use. Some use shingles that can NOT be installed during the coldest months of the year and some have Ice and Water that won’t adhere to the decking layer unless it’s above 50 degrees.

Our company only installs what is known as a cold-weather shingle, as the name suggests it is meant for cold weather and can be installed in cold weather or warm weather. These IKO Dynasty Shingles are manufactured, rated, and approved to be used in Canada, which has some of the most strict regulations in the whole world. Many companies that are based in the United States manufacture specially-made shingles to sell just in Canada.

Our IKO Dynasty shingles are 80 lbs heavier per square than the competition and have many features that help with installation like a wider nailing strip. These shingles achieved a class A rating in fire protection, a class 3 rating for impact resistance (on a scale of 1-4, 4 being the best), along with being able to withstand 130 mph winds.

Due to how robust these shingles are, they can be installed virtually any time of the year. As long as the decking layer temperature does not go under 32 degrees Fahrenheit these shingles can be installed. Meaning even if the ambient temperature drops below freezing the roof can still be properly installed.

All in all the best time to install a brand new roof on your home is now, because like everything else as time goes on manufacturing, production, and labor costs increase causing the overall cost of the roof to increase by roughly 5% a year. If you are installing or looking to install a cold-weather shingle like the one we use then the time of year should not matter. Contact us at Brown Roofing anytime here.

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