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Embrace the seasonal shift and prepare for a spectacular spring with our expert insights and growing season guide.

At this point in the season, it may be hard to think about spring when you’re shoveling your way out of the house on a frigid winter morning. However, the air will soon thaw and it’s never too early to turn your attention to the upcoming growing season.

Planning ahead for this seasonal shift is crucial for cultivating a vibrant and flourishing landscape. Here we share some essential steps to prepare your landscape for the growing season.

Connecticut’s Growing Season

Understanding the climate in Connecticut is key to successful gardening. The last thaw typically occurs in late March to early April. This marks the end of frosty nights and signals the beginning of the growing season.

Once the ground has thawed, it’s time to start planting! Early spring is ideal for certain crops, so having a timeline in mind ensures you make the most of the growing window.

Order Spring and Summer Annuals Early

Secure the garden of your dreams by pre-ordering your spring and summer annuals. Planning far in advance of when the garden will actually bloom ensures that you get your preferred plant varieties, infusing your landscape with vibrant color.

Popular Spring annuals & cold-hardy perennials for April containers include:

  • Pansies ‘King Henry’
  • Ranunculus ‘Venere’
  • Violas ‘Sorbet’ or ‘Midnight Glow’
  • Daffodils ‘Tete a Tete’ (forced bulbs)
  • Muscari ‘Big Smile’ (forced bulbs)
  • English Ivy

Spring is the perfect planting window for these stunning stems, all of which thrive in our region and add both aesthetic appeal and vibrancy to any garden.

Preparing Your Current Landscape for New Planting

Now is the perfect time to assess your current landscape and make any necessary preparations for new planting. Clearing out debris and removing old root systems are important steps in creating an optimal environment for new growth.

Addressing drainage issues is another pivotal aspect of landscape preparation. Poor drainage can lead to waterlogged soil, depriving plants of necessary oxygen and damaging root health. Identify areas prone to water accumulation and implement measures such as adjusting slopes, installing drainage systems, or incorporating permeable materials to enhance water flow.

Create the Spring Garden of Your Dreams

When envisioning your spring landscape, it’s important to consider the goal you are trying to achieve. Whether you’re embarking on a fresh design or revitalizing an existing landscape, defining your objectives is the key to ensuring that your garden aligns with your vision.

Here are a few examples of goals to get your imagination going.

Grow An Edible Garden

If a farm-to-fork garden is your goal, evaluate the space you have available. Consider raised beds, containers, or dedicated plots based on the type of crops you want to cultivate. You may also need to invest in the right tools for efficient gardening, such as quality soil, compost, plant food, and gardening tools.

Need some expert advice on what to grow and when? At LaurelRock, our experienced landscape professionals can help you transform your space into a delicious, functional, edible garden.

Outdoor Living Space

If you’re looking to extend your living space and create an outdoor oasis, remember to plan for the various weather conditions we experience, sometimes all within the same day! Heaters and firepits can keep you warm during cooler evenings, while fans provide relief on warmer days and shade blocks out the bright afternoon sun.

You can also enhance your outdoor living space with the addition of an outdoor kitchen or custom sport court. These add functionality and create a perfect space for entertaining and playing.

Landscapes Add Value to Your Home

Crafting well-designed outdoor spaces goes beyond mere aesthetics; it’s a strategic investment that can significantly enhance your property’s value. According to Bank Rate, the impact of landscaping on home resale value is noteworthy, with the potential for an impressive increase ranging from 15-20%.

When thoughtfully executed, landscaping is also a visual testament to the care and attention given to a property. A well-manicured garden, strategically placed plants, and thoughtfully designed outdoor living spaces contribute to your enjoyment of the outdoors and the overall curb apparel. This first impression can be a decisive factor in shaping a positive perception of your property.

Beyond the immediate impact on resale value, landscaping can yield long-term benefits. Mature trees, established shrubs, and a well-designed layout also enhance the property’s energy efficiency. These sustainable aspects not only contribute to environmental well-being and appearance, but also add to the economic value of your property.

Spring Readiness for a Beautiful Landscape

As the days grow longer and warmer, taking proactive steps to prepare your landscape for the growing season will set the stage for a bountiful, beautiful spring and beyond. Just remember to plan ahead, order annuals early, and keep your landscape goals in mind. Embrace the seasonal shift and watch your landscape come to life!

To learn more about readying your landscape for the spring season or to order your spring and summer annuals, contact the professionals at LaurelRock. With LaurelRock, you’ll love coming home.

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