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With the current state of the world, many of us are considering extra support for our kids to supplement (or replace) what school may look like this fall. While we know the schools are doing the very best we can, there are many amazing resources available locally (and remotely), and we want to share these with all of you! If you are interested in being listed, please email us anytime at [email protected]

Marc Lehman—owner of U ARE HEARD—a virtual private practice for high school and college students—call or email us for a free consultation

Contact info: Email [email protected] | Phone: (860) 214-7583
Website: https://www.uareheard.com

  • Licensed therapist for the past 23 years working with HS and College students
  • An amazing all-star staff of clinicians and coaches
  • Our approach is entirely virtual. We are engaging and reach young adults on the level they prefer.  We believe help should not be hard to get.  We are easy to set up and begin, so your young adult can thrive and move in a more positive direction.

Academic Approach – One-on-one tutoring
Website: Click here
Phone: (212) 348-4172

Alana Racioppa – Math Tutor For Grades K-8
Contact info: [email protected] / (203) 247-2988

  • Certified Math Teacher
  • 10 years teaching grades 5-8 in Stamford, CT
  • Lifetime Westport Resident and Mom
Allison Matthews 
Contact Info: [email protected] / (516) 446-0789
  • 17 years of experience Teaching & Tutoring grades Pre-K – 8
  • M.S. in Elementary Education with a specialization in Early Childhood; M.S. in Literacy Birth – 12th Grade
  • I have worked with many families over the years and love being able to deliver direct instruction to the students so that I can meet their individual learning needs. My approach has always been to keep the students engaged so that they enjoy learning and look forward to their time with me.
  • Available for Individual Tutoring in all subject areas with flexible hours
  • Advanced Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorders
Alison Dowling – Preschool & Elementary Tutor/ Reading Specialist
Contact Info: [email protected] | (860) 882-3337
  • All subject areas welcome!
  • Certified Literacy Specialist
  • 10 years of teaching in NYC private school system (Montessori pro!)
  • Available for individual tutoring at your home
  • Flexible hours
  • Offer rates for 30/45/60 minute sessions
  • Will come with any/all necessary learning materials
  • Westport resident
Anne Greenberg – Pod/ MicroSchool Leader, Early Childhood Literacy Tutor 

Contact: [email protected] / (917) 626-6079
  • Permanent Certification NY/CT Classroom K-12, School Administration, District Level Administration 
  • MSEd Elementary Literacy, MSEd Administration
  • Former Classroom Teacher and Assistant Principal in the NYC Dept. Of Education 
  • Primarily focused on assisting families navigate the Distance Learning in Early Childhood Grades. 
  • Will provide support, continuity, Hands-On Instruction to bolster the Classroom Lessons
  • Will work in tandem with your child’s classroom teacher to ensure they thrive and progress outside of the classroom 
  • Westport Resident of 10 Years
  • Mom of 2 Teenaged Girls (who are available for babysitting)
  • Flexible and able to host a pod of students in my home or come to yours 
Carly Ridloff – M.S. Ed and SpEd, Founder of Edvance
Company: www.Edvancenyc.com
Contact info: [email protected] / (516) 697-7698
  • Carly has been a Tutor and Learning Specialist for the past 12 years in both a high performing charter school as well as privately.
  • She has a strong knowledge base from a variety of curriculums which allows her to incorporate elements from different approaches to create learning programs that meet the specific needs of her students.
  • Carly believes that joy, engagement and high expectations are the roots to optimal learning and success.

Contact Info: [email protected] / (914) 288-5718
Website: www.connectprep.com

  • ConnectPrep is a Westport family owned education company dedicated to empowering students in our community with K-12 academic instruction, homeschooling, test prep, and college advising.
  • We bring decades of teaching experience with award winning educators that foster confidence building and creativity with a team approach.
  • Our programs are tailored to the students’ individual learning styles, and accommodate students with learning challenges.
  • We are driven to equip our students with the fundamental skills that will serve them throughout their academic career and beyond.

Dana Aussenberg – Learning Specialist, M.S. Ed School Counseling
Contact Info: [email protected] / (914) 262-2021
Website: www.danaaussenberg.com

  • Dana is a Certified School Counselor specializing in working with students grades K-12, teaching Executive Functioning skills including organization, time management, and study strategies.
  • Dana’s approach is grounded in relationship building and learning about her students. To achieve success, trust and connection are essential. For children to succeed both in and outside of the classroom, they need to know how to plan their time effectively, stay organized, and study “smarter not harder”.
  • Dana worked in NYC as a School Counselor at a 6th through 12th-grade school in Gramercy Park, and then worked at one of the nine specialized public high schools in New York City as a College Counselor. She went on to work for the City University of New York in a college transitions program helping students to develop problem solving, time management, and communication skills through a collaborative inquiry-based approach.
  • Dana has been working as a private Learning Specialist for over four years and is happy to communicate with your child’s school to work as a team, ensuring that your child is continuously progressing.

Deborah Minchin – High School Social Studies and English/College Application Process
Contact info: [email protected] / (914) 772-1496 (text or call)

  • Long time educator with over 25 years of experience teaching AP US Government and Politics with high levels of student achievement on the AP test. Available for individual tutoring or will work with your pod to teach entire APGOPO curriculum.
  • Extensive experience in working with students/parents to navigate the college application process. Tutoring for SAT/ACT, essay writing, interview practice, application completion, etc provided as a package or as individual services. Recent student successes include acceptances to UPenn, Yale, Tulane, UMichigan, Tufts, UofRochester, etc.
  • I have tutored countless high school students in all high school level Social Studies and English courses so as to improve their ability to decipher documents, hone their essay writing skills, and enable them to read their textbooks/ancillaries more efficiently and with greater understanding. These skills are critical for educational success.
  • I believe every student can succeed and enjoy working with students to help them towards that goal.
Erin Berk– Elementary Tutor
Contact info: Email: [email protected] / (917) 862-8009
  • B.A. from University of Pennsylvania
  • Masters in Elementary Education from Bank Street College of Education
  • Former 1st Grade Teacher at Dalton and High School Spanish teacher at York Prep
  • Specializes in Reading and Writing
  • Proficient in Spanish
  • Available for in person tutoring
  • Former High School Soccer Coach and Played College Soccer at UPENN
  • Flexible hours
  • Mother of 3 Teenagers
  • Westport Resident of 18 years
Hillie McTernan, M.S ed
Contact Info: Tutor.Hillie@gmail.com / (203)984-9085
  • Hillie holds a master’s degree in General and Special Education grades 1-6. She has 10 years of teaching experience in NYC private schools.
  • Hillie provides instruction across subject areas including phonics, reading, writing, math and organizational skills.
  • Hillie is a Literacy Specialist trained in the Orton Gillingham approach and has successfully helped many struggling readers learn how to read. She is trained in Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project curriculum commonly used in classrooms.
  • After initial assessments, Hillie creates an individualized learning plan specific to your child’s strengths and needs. 
  • Hillie offers private 1-1 and small group tutoring sessions at your home or over Zoom.
Ilse Werther – Let’s Get Reading LLC – learning and reading specialist
Contact Info: [email protected] | (917)375-6214
  • Ilse Werther is a dyslexic treatment and reading disorder specialist trained in the Orton-Gillingham approach.
  • Let’s Get Reading LLC is focused on elementary school aged children who are struggling with fundamental reading and writing skills.
  • Services Include: one to one tutoring in the areas of reading, writing, spelling, comprehension, vocabulary, executive functioning skills, and math skills.
  • Online and in person (post covid)
Jodi Nova-Robison – high school math tutor
Contact info: [email protected] / (917) 734-7332
  • Jodi is a high school math teacher at a local Fairfield County high school with over 15 years of experience.
  • Tutors Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Pre-calculus
Lauren Field, MA – learning and reading specialist
Contact Info: [email protected] / (917) 751-3719
  • Lauren Field is a learning and reading specialist in Fairfield County with more than two decades of teaching experience. She has both her special education and elementary certifications.
  • Has a BA in early childhood development and a Masters in Learning Disabilities
  • Offering 1:1 tutoring sessions
  • Can conduct formal reading evaluations and reading screenings- using a combination of standardized and informal assessments to determine where to target instruction
  • Tutoring approach includes Orton-Gillingham and other research-based systematic, sequential, multi-sensory approaches targeted to address identified needs using a variety of materials, methodologies, and targeted support to differentiate instruction
  • Provides intervention and support in reading and writing
Libby Carstens – elementary teacher & tutor
Contact Info: [email protected] / (917) 902-4703
  • I strengthen phonic skills without losing the joy of reading
  • I help children inhabit the lives of writers and love it
  • I scaffold math concepts- so it all just – makes sense
  • I foster the can-do mindset that allows those Aha! moments
  • I draw upon 30 years of experience, combining music, theatre, and core elementary subjects. I love helping children feel confident.

Nicole Heselpoth, M.S., CCC-SLP – Speech-Language Pathologist

Contact Info: Email: [email protected] | (631) 236-2226

About: I hold a Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech Language and Hearing Association (ASHA). I am fully licensed in both Connecticut and New York.

  • I have been providing speech-language therapy to students with Individualized Education Plans (IEP) for 10 years.
  • I spent 4 years working at Saugatuck Elementary School in Westport, before relocating to Long Island in 2019, where I currently work in a public school.
  • I am available to provide speech and language therapy virtually for 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions.
  • I can provide your child with support in the areas of articulation (speech sound production), grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, higher level language skills (i.e., figurative language, inferencing) or pragmatic language.

Parent and Play with Erica Elson
Contact Info: [email protected]
Website: parentandplay.com

  • My area of expertise lies in providing parents with the tools they need to strengthen parent-child relationships while decreasing problem behaviors. I also provide children with the tools they need to build resilience and confidence that will help them cope with everyday life.
  • I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Family Studies, from Syracuse University, and a Masters Degree in Child Development from Bankstreet College of Education. I have also trained extensively in Parent Management at the Yale Parenting Center.
  • As a certified Child Life Specialist, I have ample experience in child development and parenting. At Parent and Play, I specialize in helping families with parenting tips, coping strategies, child-centered play, and behavioral changes. 

Paulina Perlwitz (Art teacher and educator)
Contact Info: [email protected] / (860) 634-6900

About Paulina:

  • I am a practicing artist and educator with 10 years of teaching experience in private and public schools and also one-on-one tutoring sessions!
  • I hold an MFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and a BFA from the University of Connecticut.
  • I am skilled in many mediums (both 3d and 2d) and enjoy working with students of all ages.
  • I specialize in portfolio development for students who are college-bound.

Princeton Review
Contact Info: Visit www.princetonreview.com or call 800-2REVIEW

About Princeton Review: 

  • The Princeton Review has been offering 1:1 live, virtual tutoring for over 10 years in our award-winning online platform, and we are happy to help middle school, high school, and college students achieve their goals in over 30 subjects.
  • Click here to visit our website and see all academic tutoring options.
Rachel Langer Herman – Learning Specialist
Contact Info: [email protected]
Website: Sign up here!
  • A Learning Specialist with 12 years of teaching experience is offering an Expository Writing Workshop for 3rd & 4th graders. The workshop is offered in three 60 minute sessions, and is taught in person, with a maximum of four students.
  • **Now also offering writing workshop for grades 1-8, and instead of three 60 minute sessions,  the course runs for six 60 minute sessions (all due to demand!). 
  • Please visit her website for more information.
Randi Coughlin
Contact Info: [email protected]
  • Middle school & elementary math teacher/ specialist for over 17 years
  • Taught in NYC – district 2 middle schools for 10 years 
  • Most recently working as an elementary math specialist in White Plains, NY and loving it
  • Available for math tutoring and focused on elementary / middle school up to 7th grade
  • Can do prep before school begins and/or during the year

Sara Robbin – College & Private School Essays 
Contact info: [email protected] / (914) 523-4370

  • Sara Robbin works one-on-one with students to assist them with perfecting their college essays.  She offers all types of assistance from brainstorming a topic, creating an outline, facilitating edits throughout the drafting process, and proofreading/refining a final draft.
  • She is graduate of Cornell University and Emory School of Law.  She has taught Legal Writing at Fordham Law School for the past ten years, and also works as a Writing Coach at several law firms.  In both of these roles, she spends many hours consulting with students/lawyers to help improve their writing.  She is also a member of the Cornell Alumni Admissions Ambassador Network, where she conducts interviews with prospective candidates and provide recommendations for admission. 
  • Sara is passionate about writing and has been published in the University of Pennsylvania Labor & Employment Journal, and on the websites PopSugar, Scary Mommy, and Motherly.
  • She lives in Westport, CT but can work remotely over zoom/phone.  

Sarah Crawford
Contact info: [email protected]/ (203) 309-8356
Website: www.sarahcrawfordendeavors.com

  • K-12 Tutoring, Executive Function Coaching, Test Prep, College Advising, Micro-schooling
  • Over 16 years of K-12 administrative, teaching, and tutoring experience in NY, CT, MA, CA, Italy, and Switzerland
  • 11 years of teaching and tutoring experience in NYC and Fairfield County
  • MA in Italian Renaissance Literature, Middlebury/University of Florence; completing an MA in English Literature, Bread Loaf/Oxford; BA in English and Italian, Tufts
  • Offers summer, semester, and full-year courses in English, Creative Writing, Italian, Latin, Humanities, Language Arts, and the Performing and Visual Arts
  • Offers group and individual tutoring/micro-schooling sessions at your home, local library, and online.  

Seagull Speech Servies
Contact info: Email [email protected] / (203) 947-5782
Website: www.seagullspeechservices.com

  • Parents everywhere are trying to achieve a new sense of normalcy with their children as we slowly exit the pandemic, but nagging concerns about their speech and language development remain.  Are my kids where they need to be academically and socially? My child didn’t qualify for school-based speech therapy, should I hire a private speech therapist or will my child grow out of it? Should I supplement my child’s school speech services with private services?  
  • These questions and so much more can be answered by Seagull Speech Services –Contact them today for a free initial consultation at (203) 947-5782
Tina Trainor – K-12 reading specialist
Contact Info: [email protected] / (914) 384-5648
  • Reading Specialist K-12
  • Wilson certified
  • 30 Years in education

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