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In 2021, it seems as though technology is everywhere: and that includes your home. Smart devices in your home are making things easier than ever. Whether that’s using voice commands to control your home’s lighting or automatic vacuum cleaners, the days of manual home labor are slowly fading away.For families, one of the most tedious tasks to tackle in your home is baby proofing. Prior to the rise of home technology, installing hardware in every square inch of your home was a baby proofing necessity. Now, thanks to smart devices, it’s easier than ever to babyproof your home in a new, modern, and technologically advanced way.

Not sure where to start? Here are some tips for baby-proofing each room in your house.

To babyproof the bedroom:

Whether it’s naptime or bedtime, it’s essential to ensure your baby’s safety in their bedroom. After all, this is their place to rest and relax! Making sure this area is secure is key in your baby’s development, as well as easing your mind throughout the night and day.

    • Install a door motion sensor to be notified if your child gets up on their own
    • Use a crib monitor to monitor your baby’s sleeping patterns and become aware of any irregularities
  • Buy smart clothes like smart socks and sleep wraps to track your baby’s breathing and heartbeat patterns
  • Install a smart speaker to easily communicate with your child while they’re in a different room

To babyproof the bathroom:

As your child begins potty training, it’s important to monitor their safety in the bathroom. Giving your child the necessary privacy along with their security may be a hard task to balance, but it’s doable with just a few steps.

    • Use a water thermometer to ensure bath water is at a safe temperature for your baby
    • Give your child a portable nightlight so they can navigate to the bathroom easily through the night
  • Invest in a toilet lock to keep your child out of the toilet when it’s not in use

To babyproof common areas:

From the kitchen to the living room, common areas are one of the most essential places to babyproof. So, as you continue installing smart devices throughout your home, be sure to remember the common rooms your baby may spend much of their time in.

  • Install a water detector in the kitchen to be alerted about leaking, flooding, and other water-related hazards
  • Buy a smart vacuum that can clean up messes that may put your child in danger
  • Invest in an air quality sensor to ensure that the air in your home is filtered, clean, and safe for your children
  • Install a smart thermostat to regulate the temperature of your home easily

Keeping your child safe

As a parent, your number one priority is keeping your child safe. By installing smart devices in your home, you’ll be able to keep your child safe–easier than ever before! Alongside installing smart devices, it’s wise to look into Connecticut home insurance information to safeguard your home, and the precious cargo in it. Above all else, living a safe and secure life is beneficial for your child and can be rewarding as an adult. 

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