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Spring Cleaning Means Playroom Organization! This is one of the most common Springtime resolutions, and one of the hardest ones to achieve. No approach to organizing has gotten as much attention as Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. We love to apply some of these tactics to a playroom de-cluttering project. Taking Kondo’s principles of finding joy and saying goodbye, here is Smart Playroom’s advice for a new and organized spring play space in 2017!

  1. Out with the Old Toys – Involve your kids in deciding what they no longer need. Introduce the idea of thanking the old toys for their service. It will help you and your children move on from any sentimental attachments to things that are taking up space!
  2. A Place for Everything – Make sure your bins and shelves are labeled and the children know where everything goes. They may want to help decorate new labels with words and pictures.
  3. Thin out the Books – Kids are often more willing to part with books than we are. Go through the books and sort the ones they no longer read. Schools and childcare centers are happy to take gently used books. Empty space on the shelves means a more inviting reading area, room for new favorites and more trips to the library to expand their interests!
  4. Organize the Art Shelf – Test the art supplies and throw away anything that is not appealing to use or no longer works. Children love to be marker testers and crayon sorters! Organize everything into clear bins that children can manage easily.
  5. Paired-down Portfolios – Getting rid of children’s artwork is challenging, but if you get into a habit now of saving only what matters, you will be able to enjoy their work for years to come. The easiest way to sort through piles of artwork is to look at each piece and ask yourself Kondo’s question, “Does it spark joy?” If the answer is yes, it goes in the keep pile of childhood treasures.

Smart Playrooms is offering all WESTPORT MOM Followers a discount on their organizational services (not design services) in the month of April and May. See below if interested for more details!
About Smart Playrooms – Celebrated for creating unique learning spaces for children, Smart Playrooms designs, builds and organizes play and homework areas for children. Smart Playrooms will assess and analyze your children’s interests and strengths in order to transform an area into a beautiful custom designed room. Smart Playrooms brings many years of teaching and classroom experience into our design and organization projects.
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Email us to schedule a 4, 6 or 8 hour organizational time and save money! We will schedule you for the time requested and will bring containers from the Container Store to organize your play spaces. Materials, bins and photos are an additional cost, and an onsite consultation prior to services is also an additional cost. This offer expires June 1st.

  • 4 Hours: $450.00 (Usually $500.00) without a consultation.
  • 6 Hours: $675.00 (Usually $750.00) without a consultation.
  • 8 Hours: $900.00 (usually $1000.00) without a consultation.

To inquire about our design services, please email Smart Playrooms at [email protected]. A consultation for our design service is $200.00, which includes a 30 minute visit to your home and a no-obligation proposal with our general ideas and fees. Thank you!

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