Meet Carole

Both a Westport mom AND a Westport grandmother, Carole’s interest in the law began at an early age given her large personality and willingness to express her opinions on a variety of topics! After time spent in Boston as an Assistant District Attorney prosecuting serious felony cases, Carole moved into Family Law, and for 16 years has been the Co-Founder and a Partner at Broder, Orland, Murray & Demattie LLC here in Westport! Carole’s passion for what she does is her greatest strength, but also means she rarely sleeps, despite never having a cup of coffee in her life! She loves summers in Nantucket with her family, really good ice cream, cheering her grandchildren on at soccer games at Wakeman, and in another life may have been a political journalist or interior decorator! Carole understands people and the law as well as anyone, which make her a force in the field. Westport is lucky to have her!