AS Fine Foods Westport

Fitness, Health & Beauty


Location: 131 Post Rd
Contact: 203-226-2682

Location: 37 Franklin Street
Contact: Iris Netzer – 203-635-5151


Christine Gould
Location: 79 South Benson Road, Fairfield CT
Contact: 844-226-8863

Laura Reidy

Location: 1137 Post Road East
Contact: 203-883-5112


The Bar Method (opening in Westport)

Location: 580 Post Rd East
Contact: 203-227-6677

Cross Fit
Location: 1 Muller Ave, Norwalk CT
Contact: 203-939-1040

Location: 292 Post Rd East
Contact: 203-557-6141

Double up Dance Studio
Location: 85 Mill Plain Road, Fairfield CT
Contact: 203-557-8971

Edge Fitness
Location: 542 Westport Ave, Norwalk CT
Contact: 203-849-0166

Intensity Gym (Herman Walker)
Location: 490 Westport Ave, Norwalk CT
Contact: 203-853-7727

Joyride and JoyX
Location: 1200 Post Rd East
Contact: 203-349-5454

Kaia Yoga
Location: 1200 Post Rd East
Contact: 203-557-4423

Orange Theory
Location: 205 Main St, Norwalk CT
Contact: 203-883-6070

Pure Barre
Location: 291 Post Road East
Contact: 203-557-8663

Location: 372 Post Road East
Contact: 203-683-7685

Train away Pain
Location: 180 Post Rd East #209
Contact: 203-292-9353

Hair Salons

Artistic Image
Location: 420 Post Road West
Contact: 203-846-4803

Blow Dry Bar
Location: 76 Church Lane
Contact: 203-557-4789

Location: 719 Post Road East
Contact: 203-226-9880

Location: 8 Myrtle Ave
Contact: 203-557-8870

Location: 1568 Post Rd East
Contact: 203-557-8700

Steve Mancini
Location: 180 Post Road East
Contact: 203-761-0258

Studio on Main
Location: 125 Main Street
Contact: Charmaine Dubois – 203-454-9911

Vincent Palumbo
Location: 616 Post Road East
Contact: 203-454-8600

Lasers and Injectables

Westport Dermatology and Laser Center
Dr. Tanya Futoryan
Location: 325 Riverside Avenue
Contact: 203-226-3600


Benefit Brow Bar
Location: 22 Main Street
Contact: 203-349-8850

Blue Mercury
Location: 62 Main Street
Contact: 203- 227-6900

Emily Rosnick
Contact: Emily Rosnick – 203-258-8027

Faces Beautiful
Location: 208 Post Road West
Contact: 203- 226-1818


Abby Greenspan
Contact: Abby Greenspan – 203-522-3288

Plastic Surgeons

Dr. Joseph O’Connell
Location: 208 Post Road West, Westport
Contact: 203-454-0044


Organachs Farm to Skin
Location: 15 Post Rd West
Contact: 203-221-0435 (Owner- Siobhan McKinley)


Location: 275 Old Post Road, Southport CT
Contact: 203-259-2800

Dream Spa
Location: 1220 Post Road East
Contact: 203-454-3454

New Beauty Wellness
Location: 1137 Post Road East
Contact: 203-883-5112

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